Beauty/Editorial Images
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Beauty Gallery:

Some of the most beautiful, experienced, and talented professional models have been in front of photographer Craig Huey's camera. These models, often referred by other models who have worked with Craig, travel far to be photographed by this master modeling photographer. Working with top makeup artists and hair stylists, Craig and his creative team know exacty how to bring out the best looks of a model, enhancing their strengths and increasing their range of looks for their modeling career.
This portfolio is about beauty photography, and showcases some of the most beautiful models ever photographed by Craig Huey. Enjoy..

Editorial photography utilizes the talent of professional models and the compositional elements of the photograph to tell as story without words. This type of professional photography is often used in avertising and commerical photography.
Beyond the typical range of looks that a model must demonstrate in their modeling portfolio, in editorial modeling the models must become an actor in the photograph. Often, the models poses without acknowledging the camera exists, as they become the character in the story that they photograph is portraying. This is modeling at its finest, and only the best models can do it justice. Craig Huey works with these top models ina variety of projects, such as editorial photography, all of the time.
Atlanta photographer Craig Huey has the talent and the professional experience to tell those stories through the lense of his camera. He cant tell your story, or nay story that you want told, through the creativity and professional art direction of his exceptional photography.